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Safety Measures in place at Sandia Dental to keep you safe


We Are SUPER Excited to Open Our Doors Again on Monday, May 18th

Please carefully read the following information. Our office, like all dental offices, is making changes to help protect our team, our patients, and their families.

  1. Be patient: Your treatment is extremely important to us. Due to changes from our health officials on how we treat patients, we will have a limited number of appointments available each day.
  •            Please be mindful that we have several weeks of appointments to reschedule, March 23th   
  •            through May 15th, and we will not be able to accommodate everyone immediately.

           Our office will contact you to re-schedule your appointment. We have a very accurate and                     comprehensive list of every appointment canceled, including the day and time. 

            We will prioritize scheduling based on a first-canceled-first-rescheduled basis.

  1. Screening: Notify our office if you/the patient or a family member has signs or symptoms of respiratory illness (fever; cough; shortness of breath; persistent pain, pressure or tightness in the chest). We will reschedule the appointment until you/the patient/the family member has recovered from the respiratory illness. We will be taking the temperature of each person entering the office. No one with a temperature of 100.2 or higher will be able to enter the office. 

  2. Arrival for appointments: When you arrive for your appointment, remain in your car. Text us at 505-886-2939, your/patient’s name and that you have arrived. Our team will then text you when your/patient’s chair is ready.

  3. Entering our office: In order to minimize exposure for you, our patients and our teams, we are requesting that only patients with a scheduled appointment enter the office. Parents, siblings, family members and friends are asked to wait in the car. If this is not possible, we ask that only one additional family member accompanies them into the office.

Any family member entering the office with the patient, must be wearing a mask. The patient is not required to wear a mask to be seen for their appointment. Due to limited supplies of PPE, our office will not be able to provide masks.

  1. All patients will be asked to wash their hands in the office and rinse their mouths with chlorhexidine rinse prior to any treatment.

What our office is doing?

-We continue to adhere to the proper protocols from OSHA and the CDC for sterilizing, disinfecting and cleaning all instruments and equipment involved in patient care.

-We continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects both our patients and our team members.

-We are screening our team members daily for signs and symptoms of respiratory illness as well as taking each team member’s temperature.

-We are constantly disinfecting surfaces that are commonly used by anyone entering the office.

-We continue to minimize the production of procedures that produce aerosols as well as work hard to reduce the amount of aerosols produced during certain procedures.

-We have removed all magazines from the waiting area as they are difficult to clean.

Please do not be alarmed if our team, and our office looks a little different during this time. Any and all protective measures are provided for the safety our team and our patients.

We are very thankful for every one of our patients, and this time away has only served to make us even more thankful for each of you. We ask for your patience and understanding as we focus on getting each of you back on track with your oral health care.


Dr. Sarah Kassam and the team at Sandia Dental Care


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