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How Will The COVID Vaccination Affect Dentistry/Dentists/Patients?


COVID Vaccination

These days, modern dental practices have grown to further place the entire well-being and health of patients at the center. And this is through professional integration and cooperation. Most significantly, now numerous dental practices screen for glycemic control and monitor blood pressure. And these teach patients about the connection between chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and oral health.

Impact and Challenges of COVID-19 on Dentistry

With the development and expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, dentistry is experiencing a difficult period. Moreover, dentists are facing high risks of contracting and transmitting the virus. Along with them, their assistants, hygienists, and other staff members are also at stake.

In terms of dental practices during the pandemic, following new protocols and precautions are of utmost importance.  At Sandia Dental Care, we follow strict guidelines from the CDC and the Department of Health.

Dental Practices and COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccinations are vital components to fight against diseases. They help create immunity before infection. At present, we are waiting for vaccines for COVID-19 for the general public.  Medical personnel in several states have started receiving the vaccine this week.

It might be surprising for you that dentists carry out injections far more often than their medical correspondents. As per the ADA (American Dental Association), every year almost 60% of patients visit dentists. Dentists are experts at executing injections. As they have regular involvement with patients, they may provide COVID-19 vaccinations in 2021.

Permitting dentists for executing vaccines could have specific importance as the country prepares for optimizing the delivery of an expected COVID-19 vaccine. As per AADB (American Association of Dental Boards), almost one-half of the US population has pondered permitting the execution of Coronavirus vaccines by dentists when they become accessible.

Will Dentists Administer the COVID-19 Vaccination?

The possibility of developing dental practices is under review in many states. And it’s evident that dental experts are experienced. They have skills for playing a pivotal role in the point of enhancing and safeguarding public health through vaccination, particularly for the Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic particularly presents an exclusive scope. And it may prove to be the force for driving policy transformations required for extending dental vaccine programs countrywide.

Hence, dental expert-administered vaccines can have an extremely positive effect on enhancing vaccination rates, boosting public health, and motivating the medical-dental integration. Moreover, the Government must come forward for cooperating with the dental fraternity. This will ensure dentists get all help they require to avoid such circumstances.