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Everything To Know About Dental Veneers


Dental Veneer

It’s no secret that your smile is one of the first features that people notice. For some people, having discolored teeth can affect their smile. A dental veneer (also known as a porcelain veneer) is a thin porcelain shell placed over your existing smile. Veneers can enhance the appearance of your smile.

Types of Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a strong cap that a dentist can place on the teeth. The dentist will remove some enamel from the tooth to attach them. Porcelain veneers are of the same color as natural teeth.

Resin-Based Composite Veneers

Resin-based composite veneers are quite similar to porcelain veneers, but they are less expensive. These veneers are easier to replace as compared to porcelain veneers.

Reasons To Get Veneers

Patients often have numerous reasons to get dental veneers.

Yellow Teeth

Veneers address several cosmetics problems that affect your teeth. Teeth become yellow-colored after drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes for years. Dental veneers are stain-resistant.

Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, veneers are the right solution. A crooked tooth is one of the most common reasons why patients get veneers.

Damaged Enamel

Tooth enamel is the hard layer of your tooth. Poor dental hygiene, teeth grinding and DIY teeth whitening treatments can damage enamel.

Pros of Dental Veneers

Easily Whiten Your Smile

Drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes can damage your teeth. If you want to whiten your smile, veneers may be the right solution.

Fix Minor Cosmetic Problems

Dental veneers can fix numerous cosmetic dental issues. Veneers are attached to your teeth.

Replace Damaged Enamel

Your enamel may be worn down by highly acidic foods and drinks. Dental veneers are a great solution for teeth with enamel erosion.

Veneers are a perfect solution to hide stained or damaged teeth, but it is advisable to consider the pros and cons before getting them. Speak to your dentist to find out if veneers are the right solution to improve your smile.

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