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We Are Getting Our iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner Soon!


iTero Intraoral Digital Scanners

iTero launched its first intraoral scanner in 2007. An iTero scanner is a machine having a small instrument attached to it. These intraoral scanners are designed to deliver reliability, speed, and excellent visualization capabilities for orthodontists. These scanners have been used in over 6.7 million restorative crowns and bridges.

iTero intraoral scanners scan the mouths of patients and create three-dimensional dental images. The major benefit of these scanners is that these are simple to use. The images they produce are far better than two-dimensional images.

How Does iTero Intraoral Scanners Work?

iTero intraoral scanners feature a laser that runs through your mouth to create a 3D impression. During the scanning, you don’t need to open your mouth wide due to the smaller wand size. It’s no secret that digital impressions from iTero are quick and accurate.

Once the mouth of a patient has been scanned, the system can produce a detailed digital scan in just a minute. The scans can also be used to measure teeth width, arch width, and overbite/overjet accurately.

Benefits of iTero Intraoral Digital Scanners

The iTero scanner delivers numerous benefits. Here are just a few:

  • iTero digital dental scanning is safe, convenient, and hassle-free.
  • The scanning process is quick. Compared to traditional impressions, iTero digital impressions can save 20 minutes or more.
  • The iTero wand is small in size, which eliminates the risk of gagging.
  • Unlike traditional machines, the iTero machine does not need any messy powder to coat the teeth.
  • As iTero impressions can be sent to relevant parties digitally so it does not involve packaging and shipping impressions.
  • The ability to send impressions digitally saves a lot of time.

Wondering who can qualify for iTero scanning? As iTero scanners use radiation-free lasers, everyone qualified for intraoral scanning.

Well, iTero is constantly gaining popularity in dental technology. Its scanners are known for their accuracy and speed. We, at Sandia Dental Care, are going to use the iTero intraoral scanners soon to give our patients the best dental support and service.