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Top 8 Benefits of Digital Radiography in the Dental Office


Digital Radiography

It’s no secret that digital imaging offers a powerful way for dentists to treat a variety of tooth and gum conditions. Reputed dental offices choose to leverage the latest technology to protect their patients. They strive to offer digital radiography rather than traditional methods to properly diagnose tooth conditions.

Radiography plays an important role in the diagnosis, planning, and implementation. Radiographs are important for the evaluation of treatment outcomes. Though film-based imaging is still used in some dental offices, digital radiography is gaining wider acceptance and has numerous benefits.

Top Benefits of Digital Radiography in the Dental Office

Higher Quality of Care

Digital X-ray reduces radiation exposure by more than 70%. This means patients will notice a higher quality of care.

X-Ray Image Enhancement

Digital radiography systems allow you to control the exposure of each image. You can make enhancements to the image textures.

Enhanced X-Ray Image Quality

Clarity is important in digital imaging. Digital radiography equipment enhances image quality and helps to get clear images as compared to traditional films.

Eliminates the Need of Storing Files

Filing and storing paper charts can be a daunting task. With digital dental X-rays you eliminate the need to store hard-copy radiographic images.

Time and Productivity Savings

Digital dental x-rays are ready to view on your computer. All your images are just a few clicks away with digital radiography.

Easy to Use than Conventional Radiography

Digital radiography equipment are easier to use than conventional radiography. Dental radiography is easier and faster than any traditional radiography.

Digital Radiography is Environmental-Friendly

Digital radiographs can be created without leftover chemicals so these are environment-friendly.

Demands Less Resources

Digital dental x-ray requires a one-time investment of getting the equipment So, the labor cost for dental offices also goes down.

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